Mexican Restaurant Keene: Which tortilla would you choose?

~ 03/15/2022 ~

Mexican Restaurant Keene: Which tortilla would you choose?

No taco is complete without a good tortilla, but have you ever wondered which style is best? Both corn and flour tortillas are a staple for Mexican cuisine. Mi Jalisco is here to offer the scoop on flour versus corn and which tortilla is best for your dish!

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Corn Tortillas

Before its counterpart, corn was used to make the flat, edible holder for taco fillings. Did you know? Corn tortillas are made with a mix of finely ground corn flour and lime called masa harina.


Unlike flour, corn tortillas can break quickly, leading to more spills and lost taco filling. For this reason, corn tortillas are made smaller in size for a more sturdy hard or softshell.


Due to the mixture of corn and lime, corn tortillas also add to your vitamin intake due to lime (Vitamin B). Finally, they are a great choice if you have a gluten allergy or are looking for a low-calorie option. 

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Flour Tortillas 

Next up, we have flour tortillas, a staple in every Mexican restaurant! According to an article from Food & Wine, flour tortillas have long been a staple in Mexico because Spanish colonizers thought corn was an unhealthy choice (and they couldn’t have been more wrong!). 

However, the flour tortilla can hold so much taco filling, and that’s something we all love! Fill tacos with loads of meat, salsa, and guac? Yes, please! Where corn falls apart, flour stands as the stable contestant for our customers. 

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Enjoy Good Food with Mi Jalisco!

Mi Jalisco is the Mexican Restaurant choice in Keene, NH! We offer authentic Mexican cuisine and fresh ingredients. We offer both flour and corn tortillas, and while we aren’t biased, we’ll always help you choose!


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